What makes the VERTEPAC different from other backpacks?

The Vertepac is the world’s first technical backpack with Extendable Parallel Spine® – Technology (EPS). Simply put, it has its own spine.
It mimics the mechanics of your own body, relieving the load off of your shoulders without restricting your freedom of movement.

What is the problem with current backpacks?

All technical daypacks share the same problem: they fail to transfer the load from your shoulders onto your hips without resticting your freedom of movement. When the load rests on your shoulders, it basically rests on your spine.

That is why we invented the Extendable Parallel Spine® – technology. The Parallel Spine takes over the load, relieving your upper body and allowing you to move freely.

How is the VERTEPAC a platform?

The Vertepac is not just a backpack, it is a modular system. A platform. Need a different bag for your next objective? Release the bag-unit from the frame and snap on another in a matter of seconds!

How is the load distributed between the shoulders and the hips?

The Extendable Parallel Spine lifts 95% of the weight off your shoulders and transfers it via the 3D-rotational hip belt comfortably onto your hips. 5% of the load is on the shoulders to keep the load under full control.

Is the VERTEPAC adjustable?

Yes. The VERTEPAC® lets you create the optimal ergonomic length to match your torso length.
For maximum performance, the point of engagement of the shoulder straps should be at the same position as the top of your shoulders. While traditional backpacks only let you adjust the length of the shoulder straps, the VERTEPAC® allows you adjust the total back length with its innovative PP-system. This allows you to optimally position the 3D hip belt to line up with your hip bone. The result: the perfect position for your shoulder straps and hip belt and zero pressure on your back!

Watch our instructional videos.

Is a sweaty back really history with the VERTEPAC?

Yes, the VERTEPAC® takes care of perspiration once and for all!
All traditional backpacks cause moisture on your back – even the ones that come with a net frame.

The EPS-system is created to minimize contact with your body and generate an optimized airflow between your back and the Vertepac. Less moisture means better performance and greater comfort.


What happens after ordering?

Once your order is placed your package will be assembled. After your payment has been received your package will be send from our warehouse in the Netherlands and you will receive a tracking code from our logistics partner.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Store?

You can pay with all major credit cards and debit cards and via PayPal.

What are the shipping costs for orders from the Online Store?

The shipping costs are:

FREE – Local pick up at our HQ (near Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
$ 30,- (USD) – Europe
$ 35,- (USD) – North-America (USA & Canada)
$ 40,- (USD) – Oceania / Asia / South-America
$ 50,- (USD) – Rest of the world

How many days will it take for my package to be delivered?

Packages will be delivered generally between 1-3 weeks, depending on the country of destination and customs checks.

When your order is send you will receive a tracking code with which you can check the whereabouts of your package.

How secure is the VERTEPAC website?

The shop has been secured by todays modern security standards like Enterprise SSL, industry standards firewalls and modern encryption on disk. Only authorized staff from VERTEPAC will handle sensitive data.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes. As soon as you finalize your order you will receive an invoice by email (PDF attachment).


What about product quality?

All Vertepac products are made with great care and attention, using only high quality durable components and materials.

What product warranty do you offer?

We stand fully behind the quality of all VERTEPAC products and components. If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, return it to us for a repair, replacement or refund. Damage due to normal wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge. We offer a 5-year warranty on production faults.

What is your Return Policy?

We fully stand behind the quality of our products.

That is why we offer a 100-days return policy.

If you wish to return your order please follow these steps:

1) Send an us e-mail within 100 days after you have received the package.
2) Send the email to: with your order numberyour name and why you wish to return.
3) Make sure the package is returned within 14 days of your e-mail.
4) Please return the package to:TOTO Carrying Systems BV
Attn webstore returns
Ringdijk 31
3645 HE Vinkeveen
the Netherlands

Please enclose a copy of your invoice or pack slip so we can identify the package. 

5) As soon as we have received the package in good order without signs of usage (the way we have send it to you) we will refund the cost of your original order (excluding shipping costs).




Alex de Saint.

Extreme Adventurer & Ex-Marine

"During the 700 miles Yukon river race, I have been using the Vertepac continuously to carry a load of 6 kg - a 4 liter hydration combo-blatter and some additional stuff. It allowed me to keep pushing much longer and take fewer breaks than I would have without it. So I was very happy to have it! It was awesome to feel I could move my upper body so smoothly. Without feeling any restrictions, and pressure or pain on my back and shoulders. For my next challenge "Race to Alaska" I will definitely rely on the Vertepac system again."

Matt Mattos.

Long Distance Hiker & Outdoor Enthusiast

"I’m a bit of nerd when it comes to outdoor tech, especially if it can make your life easier. So when I saw back in February that you were going into production I just had to have one. I do a lot of long distance hiking, running and cycling in the UK. This weekend I took part in a 40 mile ultra-walk. I decided to throw everything into the 18L bag as if I was doing the walk in winter. All my waterproofs, spear t-shirts/jacket, I even put in my big binoculars. I was so impressed that I could hardly notice that I was carrying the extra weight, and the extra weight didn’t slow me down at all. Overall the Vertepac performed very well, and I had no aches or pains in my shoulders or back. I was very impressed."

Martin Unterberger.

Certified International Mountain & Ski Guide and State Certified Skiing Instructor

"As an international mountain and ski guide I am working outdoors nearly every day. Especially on steep mountain ridges I often opened the hip belt of my regular daypack because it restricted my movements, causing a lot of tension in my neck and upper body. The Vertepac solved it for me. The fact that the hip belt and the bag unit can move, turn and twist independently, offers an immense level of freedom. Also the possibility to change the different bags quickly is handy, all though I usually attach the XTR.35."
XTR.18 + XTR.35 / SKI/HIKE

Manuel Widmann.

Downhill World Cup Racer MTB

"Vertepac has found a system which is perfect for MTB Downhill and backcountry sports where you need to have a really fast reaction. The additional spine is truly awesome; it supports the load and gives you the full range of freedom which is the key to perform in action sports. I can recommend it to any self-reliant backcountry adventurer."

Gerald Auinger.

Certified Skiing and Snowboarding Instructor & Downhill Longboarder

"I have been very happy with my Vertepac, because the weight is distributed perfectly and the load is relieved from my back. I also enjoy the freedom in the movements that the Vertepac gives you especially when skiing and snowboarding, as hip and upper body movements are crucial. "

Chris Koll.

Canyoning and Ski Guide, Action Sports Camera man, Producer & Director

"For me the Vertepac is the perfect bag to transport our additional luggage to our film locations in the mountains when shooting action footage. When I am off from work though, I love to use it on my ski tours and mountain hikes as well. I hope the come up with a camerag bag unit soon, would love to use it."

Mike Maggard.

Coordinator - Black Diamond Search & Rescue, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

"I am a 47 year old, I stay active, but have had 2 back surgeries, and extensive right knee surgery. I have been an avid outdoorsman all my life and involved with search and rescue for 33 years. Currently I have three packs that I use depending on the mission; an Osprey Atmos AG 50 pack for extended missions, a Tenzing TZ 1250 Lumbar Pack and a True North Frontline Bushwhacker pack. My initial thought with the Vertepac was, WOWW! The weight on my shoulders is gone! The comfort, after a few hours of use, was amazing. I was able to maneuver along the trails, through the timber and other vegetation with ease. For testing of the pack, I had 32 pounds (14.50 kg) of gear + the weight of the pack. After 5 hours of wearing the pack, I noted a few things. First, and the to my surprise, my lower back was not hurting any more than normal. Keep in mind I just had major back surgery 8 weeks ago. I was very impressed. I also noticed that my shoulders and neck didn’t have the pressure and fatigue I have experienced with other packs. My back also stayed dry despite the warm fall day. Overall the comfort of the pack is by far the best I have ever worn. The design of the “Spine” was an ingenious thought.

Rob Blevins.

Search Team Leader, Training Officer - Black Diamond Search & Rescue, Virginia Department of Emergency Management

"I loaded the Vertepac with around 25-30 pounds of gear and wore it during wilderness SAR training exercises. As soon as I secured the waist belt, I immediately noticed that there was little to no weight on my shoulders. The pack felt like it was floating on my back. Fairly quickly though, I realized the importance of correct adjustment as I started to have some discomfort in my left axillary area. With a few adjustments, the problem was corrected and I was on my way (in other words, don’t get discouraged if it seems uncomfortable at first, just adjust it). The pack moved effortlessly with my body and if I hadn’t have loaded it myself, I would have thought I was only carrying a couple of pounds. The waist belt remained secure and in place while the “spinal column” allowed the pack to move with my back in every stoop and bend, but at the same time, still carry the bulk of the weight. I wore it for a couple of hours and performed numerous tasks and range of motion with no fatigue, back pain, or discomfort whatsoever. I have worn many packs in my time, and this by far is the most comfortable and right up there with the best quality wise. I know there has been some concern over the price, but after wearing it, I think it is a premium product and worth the extra money. After all, how much is your back worth?"

Jeff Crenshaw.

Search Team Leader, Piedmont Search and Rescue

"Previously in my SAR career I have used traditional hiking backpacks by Osprey and Deuter, as well as SAR-specific packs by True North Gear and Coaxsher. The Vertepac is by far the most comfortable pack I’ve used, for SAR and traditional hiking. For a typical SAR load, I carry about 35 lbs., but with the Vertepac, it felt virtually weightless. In addition to the weight-reducing suspension, the Parallel Spine system is a great feature for SAR. Since we are not usually just walking on a trail, the way the hip belt moves with you when crawling over, under and around obstacles, or through dense underbrush (Rhododendron here in Virginia) keeps the load balanced and stable. The bag itself was just about the right size for a fall/winter load out. There was plenty of room for extra clothing, rain gear, emergency shelter, etc. During the summer, I could probably get away with the XTR.18. I also like the built-in helmet carrier.
Overall, the Vertepac is a great pack. With some minor improvements for the SAR community, it could become the gold standard for SAR packs."

Mike Holkamp.

Outdoor Hiker and Adventurer.

"The vertepac system is a versatile one! At first I was sceptical but it fits me surprisingly well.

It is is great system for moutain biking, day hiking, sled dog training etc. Active people wil love this whole new concept. It makes sudden movements really easy so I could bend, dodge and evade objects easily when training on the trails with Taiga. It also rests perfect on the hips so the load distribution is optimal. As I said before, it feels weird in the first couple of minutes but it really rides wel on my back! I like the easy adjustments in the carry system and think it is a very good concept that one can change bags on the same system to fit different needs. Maybe the current vertepac bags are a bit to smal for long term stays in the wild and for winter camping but I read that these Vertepac guys have some tricks up their sleeves for the near future!" - Mike & Taiga - Tikaani Outdoor


Thomas Ricker.

Deputy Editor at The Technology and innovation

"My wife and I have been testing both the 35-liter XTR.35 and 18-liter XTR.18 bags over the last month, logging hundreds of hours and miles with the backpacks. We’ve worn the bags fully loaded while slogging through the Scottish Highlands and pastoral Dutch dunes, bicycling through the streets of Amsterdam, and stand-up paddleboarding along its canals. The bags allowed us to carry heavier loads for longer, with a far greater degree of upper body mobility."

Jaap van Dieen.

Professor of Biomechanics, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, VU University Amsterdam

"When I saw the VERTEPAC I was impressed by its logic. I noticed that my back and shoulders were relieved from the load. Unlike with any other backpack I could move my torso freely in any direction. This design limits the extra energy expended by carrying a load and facilitates balance control on difficult terrain. I love the simplicity, it just makes sense."


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