What makes the VERTEPAC different from other backpacks?

The Vertepac is the world’s first technical backpack with Extendable Parallel Spine® – Technology (EPS). Simply put, it has its own spine.
It mimics the mechanics of your own body, relieving the load off of your shoulders without restricting your freedom of movement.

What is the problem with current backpacks?

All technical daypacks share the same problem: they fail to transfer the load from your shoulders onto your hips without resticting your freedom of movement. When the load rests on your shoulders, it basically rests on your spine.

That is why we invented the Extendable Parallel Spine® – technology. The Parallel Spine takes over the load, relieving your upper body and allowing you to move freely.

How is the VERTEPAC a platform?

The Vertepac is not just a backpack, it is a modular system. A platform. Need a different bag for your next objective? Release the bag-unit from the frame and snap on another in a matter of seconds!

How is the load distributed between the shoulders and the hips?

The Extendable Parallel Spine lifts 95% of the weight off your shoulders and transfers it via the 3D-rotational hip belt comfortably onto your hips. 5% of the load is on the shoulders to keep the load under full control.

Is the VERTEPAC adjustable?

Yes. The VERTEPAC® lets you create the optimal ergonomic length to match your torso length.
For maximum performance, the point of engagement of the shoulder straps should be at the same position as the top of your shoulders. While traditional backpacks only let you adjust the length of the shoulder straps, the VERTEPAC® allows you adjust the total back length with its innovative PP-system. This allows you to optimally position the 3D hip belt to line up with your hip bone. The result: the perfect position for your shoulder straps and hip belt and zero pressure on your back!

Is a sweaty back really history with the VERTEPAC?

Yes, the VERTEPAC® takes care of perspiration once and for all!
All traditional backpacks cause moisture on your back – even the ones that come with a net frame.

The EPS-system is created to minimize contact with your body and generate an optimized airflow between your back and the Vertepac. Less moisture means better performance and greater comfort.

What about product quality?

All Vertepac products are made with great care and attention, using only high quality durable components and materials.


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