“We believe the future of personal mobility is more than just applied technology.
It should be a unique blend of innovation, biomechanics, performance, esthetics and comfort.
We want to shape technology around your body to a level it becomes an extension of yourself.
Like a symbiosis.

Because life is not about technology. We want to perform, explore and feel free. Essential values that resonate and inspire all of us. Reconnecting with nature and our spiritual self.

Each year more than 500 M. backpacks are sold that are basicly the same. Without any true innovation. To offer the world better solutions we must rethink, act smart and be bold. With the Vertepac we have created a radical new carrying system that defies gravity, enhances performance and expands freedom.”

Welcome to our world.

Jeroen Janssen
innovation & production

Entrepreneur, Creative Director. Driven, Ambitious, Perfectionist. Dares to think big. Expert in Design and Production of technical textile products, and Owner at Project001.nl.

Stanley Sie
design & marketing

Industrial Designer, Conceptual Visualizer and Creator. Loves combining creativity with technology and making ideas tangible, comprehensive and appealing.

operations & sales

International Sales manager. Combining hands-on approach with technical insights.
Focus on business development and product/service development.

“Our mission is to improve personal mobility and freedom
with our smart carrying systems.”