Effortless Carrying, Full Freedom to Move.


The Vertepac is the world’s first technical backpack with Extendable Parallel Spine™  Technology.

Simply put, it has its own spine

It mimics the mechanics of your own body, taking the load off of your shoulders without restricting your freedom of movement.





1. Move Freely

Turn, twist and bend; the 3DR-Hip Unit and the Extendable Parallel Spine™ (EPS) allow you to move smoothly and freely in any direction. No limits. No constraints.

2. Unload your Spine

The Extendable Parallel Spine™ (EPS) lifts 95% of the weight off your shoulders and transfers it to your hips. No more cramped shoulders and a painful back.

3. Switch Pacs

Need a different pac for what you’re about to do? Release the pac from the frame and snap on another in a matter of seconds with the ICS (Interchangeable Carrying System).

  • “VERTEPAC has found a system which is perfect for MTB Downhill or other sports where you need to have a really fast reaction. The additional spine gives you the full range of freedom which is the key to action sports.”

    - Manuel Widmann | Downhill World- & European Cup Racer
  • "When I saw the VERTEPAC I was impressed by its logic. I noticed that my back and shoulders were relieved from the load. Unlike with any other backpack I could move my torso freely. This design limits the extra energy expended by carrying a load and facilitates balance control on difficult terrain." 

    Jaap van Dieen - Professor of Biomechanics - VU University Amsterdam
  • “As a mountain guide i am working outdoors nearly every day. Especially on steep mountain ridges i often opened the hip-belt of my regular daypack because it impeded my movement, that caused a lot of tensions in my neck and upper body. Now the VERTEPAC comes up with the perfect solution for that issue! Also the possibility to customize the bag for all different kinds of outdoor sports is ideal for me.”

    - Martin Unterberger | UIAGM Certified Mountain & Ski Guide and State Certified Skiing Instructor
  • “For me the VERTEPAC is the perfect bag to transport our additional luggage to our film locations in the mountains. But I also love to use it on my ski tours and mountain hikes. I hope they will come up with a camera bag unit soon!”

    - Christian Koll | Canyoning and Ski Guide, Camera man, Producer & Director
  • “I have been super happy with my VERTEPAC because the weight is distributed perfectly and my back is relieved. I also enjoy the freedom in the movements that the Vertepac gives you especially for skiing and snowboarding.”

    - Gerald Auinger | State-certified Skiing and Snowboarding Instructor & Downhill Longboarder


FREEDOM TO MOVE Extendable Parallel Spine™ [EPS]

All technical daypacks share the same problem: they fail to transfer the load from your shoulders and onto your hips. When the load rests on your shoulders, it basically rests on your spine. Enter the Extendable Parallel Spine™ – technology. The Parallel Spine takes over the load, relieving your upper body and allowing you to move freely.


The Vertepac imitates the human body.

The human body was designed to move freely. Using the hipbone as its solid foundation, the flexible upper body is free to arch, bend and twist without constraint.

The Extendable Parallel Spine system transfers the load of your backpack from your shoulders to your hips, allowing your upper body to move as freely as nature intended it.


The Vertepac lets you create the optimal ergonomic back length.

For maximum performance, the point of engagement of the shoulder straps should be at the same position as the top of your shoulders. While traditional backpacks only let you adjust the length of the shoulder straps, the Vertepac lets you adjust the total back length with its innovative EPS system. This allows you to optimally position the 3D waistband to line up with the hip bone. The result: the perfect position for your shoulder straps and zero pressure on your back.


The Vertepac takes care of moisture once and for all.

All traditional backpacks cause moisture on your back – even the ones that come with a net-frame. The simple reason is that backpacks make contact with your back, which results in perspiration..

The EPS system is created to minimize contact with your body and generate an optimized airflow between your back and the Vertepac. Less moisture means more performance.


FREEDOM TO CHOOSE Interchangeable Carrying System™ [ICS]

The Vertepac is not just a backpack, it is a system. A platform. Choose one or more of our pac-units that matches your activity and lifestyle and snap it onto the Interchangeable Carrying System™.

FREEDOM TO PERFORM Full Focus on your Activity

By lifting the load from your upper body without limiting your freedom to move, the VERTEPAC allows you to fully focus on your activity. No distractions, no restrictions, no loss of energy. Just freedom and pure performance!

7 Advantages of the VERTEPAC:


Carry your gear & equipment with full freedom of movement.


Keep going as long as you want, not as long as your backpack will allow you to. Whether you’re hitting the backcountry, traveling the world or riding your bike to work – the Vertepac is made for anyone wanting to bring what they need without worrying it might get in their way.




To experience the full potential of the VERTEPAC, it’s important the system is adjusted to your body. To see how this is done, follow the video instructions below. Once the VERTEPAC is tuned to your body, you’re ready to go without ever having to change it again.

What makes the VERTEPAC different from other backpacks out there?

Traditional technical backpacks fail to shift the load onto your hips without limiting your freedom of movement. The Vertepac relieves your spine and lets you move without constraints. It does exactly what any backpack should do, but never could. Until now.

When do I need a VERTEPAC?

When ever you need to bring your gear and don’t want your backpack to limit your freedom of movement. The Extendable Parallel Spine makes sure you’re not restricted by the load on your back and will help you accomplish your ultimate performance!

Do I need to make any changes to the frame to fit another pac?

No. The EPS system is designed to carry any Vertepac backpack. All you need to do is replace one pac with another and you’re off.

Will the VERTEPAC carrying system fit me?

The Vertepac is adjustable to body heights ranging from 160 cm up to 200 cm. To set the system to your height, follow these instructions.

How do I adjust the system to my body size?

Start by measuring the distance between your shoulders and the hip bone as described here. This number is your personal setting for the sliding system. Unscrew the lock and position the slide stopper to your personal setting. Tighten the screw and you’re good to go!

How have you field-tested the VERTEPAC?

We have worked with a group of specialist in various fields. We have given them the VERTEPAC to use on their adventures in return for first hand feedback. Their input went straight into further development and fine-tuning of the VERTEPAC.

Do you offer Warranty and Service?

Yes. We offer a 2-year full, no nonsense warranty on all of our products. If you run into any problems, send us the backpack with a clear description of the problem and we will solve it for you.

How do I order the VERTEPAC?

The VERTEPAC will be exclusively available soon for our early fans. We expect to start production in 2017. Fill in the pre-order form here to stay updated.

Do you deliver anywhere?

We are planning to deliver worldwide. Please note there will be a surcharge for outside-US deliveries. We will keep you updated through our newsletter. Sign up here.

What do you charge for delivery?

Delivery cost will be published when we start production.

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Vertepac was founded by Jeroen Janssen and Stanley Sie.

Two passionate and determined creative professionals with one single mission: to bring you the smartest ergonomic traveling gear out there.

“We have both worked for a large number of national and international clients in the field of design and production. Like anyone in any creative business, we daydreamed about creating something without having to worry about client politics. About developing a high quality and durable product that actually stays true to its initial concept. With the Vertepac, we have been able to do just that. Four years, eight prototypes and many long nights later, we believe the Vertepac has evolved into a groundbreaking carrying tool. And it’s ready to be shared with the world.”

  • Jeroen Janssen


    Entrepreneur, Creative Director, and Owner at Project001.nl. Driven, Ambitious, Perfectonist. Dares to think big. Expert in Design and Production of technical textile products.


  • Stanley Sie

    Industrial Designer.

    Industrial Designer, Conceptual Visualizer and Creator at Squidbone.com. Enjoys combining creativity with technology and making things tangible, comprehensive and appealing.

  • Jeroen van Hemel



    International Sales manager, broad experience in global networking. Combining hands-on approach with technical insights.
    Focus on business development and product/service development.

Vertepac is a proud member of the YES!Delft Incubator program.  YES!Delft helps start ups to become tomorrow’s leading firms. YD-logo-cropped-100

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